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Everyone deserves to

be their best self.

Find the strongest, healthiest version of you.
It starts here and now.

Stop hopping from gym… to online class… to boring studio… and come home to Novo.

Fill out quick Join The Fam form and schedule your 1-on-1 consultation today. You’ll be greeted by name by someone who’s eager to learn more about you – your challenges, your dreams, and your whole self. We’ll walk you through our current class offerings, answer all your questions, and create a plan that works for you.

You’ll come away with a just-for-you road map of classes to try, instructors to meet, the package or membership that will best support you, and a welcome bag full of goodies to get you started.

Novo Gets You Results


87% of Novo Members report experiencing positive physical results (endurance, strength, weight loss, muscle gain, stamina) within 6 weeks of attending classes.


92% of Novo Members report experiencing improvements in mood, relationships with others, energy, pelvic floor strength, and/or sleep.


95% of Novo Members report experiencing positive mental and or emotional changes in the first 2 weeks of regularly attending classes.

At Novo, we believe:

Everyone deserves a safe place to better themselves; a place that fills them up so they walk out better off when they first came in.

Everyone can achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Workouts can be fun AND effective.

Together, we can overcome whatever challenges we face.

It’s never too late to start.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to focus on self-care and improving overall wellness for a better quality of life.

Your individual goals are valid and valuable.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so we tailor our classes to individual students based on individual capabilities.

Prior to coming to Novo, I struggled with working out. One of the main reasons was just finding a place that adapts to plus size and injury friendly options. In 2019, I decided to give Novo a try after following them on social media for a while. I was afraid because I thought I would be judged. The minute I walked in those doors, I never looked back. They always welcome me with open arms and always provide modifications throughout class. Honestly 90% of the time I modify my workout and I easily burn 400 plus calories each class! Novo is THAT gym that has something for everyone… No matter the size, injury or limitation, you are safe and welcome here!


I have been a member of this wonderful organization since december 2014 and still love coming to NOVO to workout. It is a special place because the staff and owners are very friendly, supportive and encouraging. All the clients who I come across with are nice, happy and friendly as well. The workouts are not boring or repetitive. The instructors are challenging but also give you alternatives. The class formats are very innovative, and cannot be found anywhere else. Novo is unique. I feel so much stronger now, and the heated classes even helped with lowering my hemoglobin A1C because I am diabetic. than I have ever been. Thank you, Beth Anne and Ellen, for Novo; you two are great assets in this community.

Jocelyn (Jo)

I joined Novo in 2016, and the day I walked in, I knew I had made the right decision. They made me feel welcome, which had never happened before at other places I had been to. It was a no judgement zone. Not only did all of the instructors there make me feel welcome, but also all of the other members. I always tell people there are no strangers at Novo. I had read reviews before I joined that said, Novo was so much more than a fitness studio, and they couldn’t have been more right. In my fitness journey at Novo, I have not only gotten physically stronger, but also mentally. I always feel better when I leave Novo. Novo is truly a part of my family.


If you’re not quite ready to come in, that’s totally okay!

We’re not just about fitness classes, we’re about meeting you where you are and providing you with the support and community you need to truly feel at home. If you’d like to get to know more about us without worrying about a commitment, join our mailing list to get to know us from the comfort of your inbox and stay in the loop on all things Novo. Once you’re signed up, we’ll send you a special email with a link to our new client special, instructions on how to get a free week of Novo On Demand, and a 30% off coupon to our boutique, letting you get started in whatever way is right for you.