Music-driven, motivating, form-focused classes are our specialty. Each of our classes emphasize form through verbal cuing by the instructor, sometimes accompanied by tactile corrections (in certain classes). One of the major concepts cued is a “neutral spine,” which helps clients stay safe in proper posture throughout the class. In addition to cuing form, instructors will offer modifications and/or advanced level options when applicable so each class is truly able to meet each client where she is in her fitness journey. Our classes rely heavily on music, with each instructor specifically designing her playlist for that specific class. When we combine fun music with the encouragement from your instructor, and the positivity from others working alongside you, the class flies by!

We offer a variety of mind-body class options to allow clients to mix up their workouts!

Please note that our schedule typically undergoes minor changes seasonally (fall, spring, and summer), according to our clients’ needs and requests.



(beginner/mixed level)

Combines isometric movements with deep holds to exhaust each muscle group in a highly form-focused, tactile correction based class.

BarreAmped Advanced

(intermediate level)

Challenge yourself with more variety, longer holds, and a faster-paced class in BarreAmped Advanced.

BarreAmped Bootcamp/Extreme Cardio

(mixed level)

BarreAmped Bootcamp implements classic barre exercises interspersed with cardio intervals.

BarreAmped Fire

(most advanced)

Our most advanced barre class; it takes advanced exercises and combines them with cardio intervals for a sweaty challenge.

BarreAmped Bands


BarreAmped Bands utilizes a resistance band to add a new element of challenge to our classic barre exercises.

THE pow{h}er METHOD

tap n’ pow{h}er

(beginner/mixed level)

tap n’ pow{h]er is a balance fusion class that combines strength training, cardio intervals, and yoga flows; it’s an all-in-1!

energy n’ pow{h}er

(most advanced)

This class kicks up the cardio a notch, while giving the heart rate a chance to come down during strength training and yoga flow portions.

hold n’ pow{h}er

(beginner/mixed level)

Focusing mainly on isometric and range of motion strength training, this class removes the cardio intervals, but elongates the muscles through yogic posturing.

Buti Yoga

Buti Yoga

(mixed level)

Buti Yoga is a high-intensity workout that combines power yoga (for strength training) with tribal dance and plyometrics (for cardio).

Buti Sculpt

(mixed level)

Take all your favorite Buti moves and put them into a HIIT format, and the result is Buti Sculpt.

Buti Flow


Buti Flow focuses specifically on power yoga flows and deep abdominal toning, eliminating plyometrics but keeping tribal elements.

Hot Buti

With a heated studio room, Hot Buti incorporates tribal/primal movement in a series of poses to burn out the muscles.


bellicon Basic

(beginner level)

This class is a foundational level of our bellicon bounce class, slowing down the pace with a focus on balance and coordination.

bellicon Bounce


bellicon Bounce is zero impact, and high energy; it incorporates strength training elements using the rebounder as well as cardio from bouncing.

bellicon Circle


bellicon Circle is structured as a 30-minute HIIT class made up of various cardio intervals on the rebounder.



(mixed or advanced)

Comprised of 8 different “rounds,” of 60 seconds, repeating a total of 36 times, Move36 is a quick, sweaty burst of intense cardio.



Structured similarly to Move36, Tone36 repeats 36 rounds of range of motion strength training exercises using body weight, and light hand weights.

Yoga Fusion

Yoga Fusion combines all of of favorites: heat, light hand weights, yoga postures, and short cardio bursts.



Our vinyasa class offers traditional yoga sequencing and tactile corrections with non traditional elements such as the playlist and the opportunity for clients to flow at their own pace.

305 Fitness

305 Fitness is a non-stop cardio party featuring conditioning exercises, a brief toning section, and high intensity interval training