energy n’ pow{h}er

energy n’ pow{h}er is an all fitness level cardio SWEAT-FEST that combines upbeat music, beautiful movement, high intensity interval training (HIIT), and messages of empowerment. Designed to compliment tap n’ pow{h}er, this class speaks directly to the mind, body, and spirit both in verbal cues as well as within the technique of the movement, all while taking the cardio aspect of tn’p to the next level! Participants will be challenged through balance, range of motion, isometric holds, linear rotation, and both sustained Tabata cardio intervals as well as other cardio exercises to confuse muscle groups while positively enticing the mind and body. Hand towels, lots of water, and an “I can!” attitude are all highly encouraged as clients will challenge themselves to find the energy within and rise above any and all obstacles. *We recommend taking a tap n’ pow{h}er class prior to taking energy n’ pow{h}er, to give you more of a foundation for this intense, fast-paced class.