I have an injury or physical limitation, can I participate in class? Whether old or recent, injuries and limitations of any kind are a concern and staff should be notified prior to class. Please properly fill out your paperwork to reflect any physical concerns. If a surgery took place, we may require a doctor’s note releasing you to participate in exercise. Depending on the injury, we may suggest a private training session prior to taking group classes, so we can discuss and demonstrate appropriate modifications for certain exercises.

What happens if a medical issue arises during the duration of my membership? Should you develop any new condition that completely prohibits you from exercise, we will suspend your membership for 6 weeks, or until the condition improves, per doctor’s orders. Please provide a dated letter from your physician detailing what type(s) of exercise should not be done, and for how long.

I am under the age of 18, can I still take a class? If you are between the ages of 15-18, you are welcome to take a class and join Novo! We do require that a parent/guardian come in with you to complete the initial paperwork before class.

I am overweight and am not currently exercising, will I be out of place? No! Novo gladly embraces clients at any fitness level and of any body shape or type. Despite physical fitness level or appearance, our instructors are trained, willing, and eager to help you reach your fitness goals. We proudly boast about having clients of every shape, size, age, and ethnicity!

I’m not a dancer or flexible, will I be able to participate in this type of fitness? Yes! Our classes are not strictly “dance” classes and each class is designed to serve a mixed-level group, including those with no background in dance. Modifications are offered in every exercise and teachers assist with tactile corrections and cues to help you get the most out of every class. Each class uses exercises to not only build strength and burn fat, but to help clients gain flexibility.

What do I need to wear? It is important that you are comfortable in whatever you wear, but loose clothing can hinder your experience as it can be difficult for instructors to assist with form if they cannot see a client’s body. Fitted exercise leggings/cropped pants and fitted tops are most ideal, but any form of yoga or exercise clothing is acceptable.  We are a form focused method, therefor fitted clothing is highly encouraged. We ask that all clients please refrain from wearing loose gym shorts as well as fitted/spandex shorts, as we can be in some revealing positions during the class. We do not allow shoes in the studio room as we want to preserve our floors and keep it as clean as possible (the exception to this is for ((305)) classes, which require indoor only sneakers). We recommend grip socks to be worn during class time, which are available for purchase at the studio. However, barefoot and Vibram FiveFingers are also welcome.

Do I need to bring anything to class? We provide all equipment needed for classes, coffee/tea, and access to our “refresh station” to freshen up after class. We highly encourage you to have a bottle of water, which you are welcome to bring or may purchase at the studio. Some clients like to bring a small towel as well, which we also have available for purchase in studio.

How many times a week do I need to come to see results? We recommend you attend 3-4+ classes a week accompanied by a healthy lifestyle outside of the studio.

I am a new client, when should I arrive? We ask that you arrive and are dressed and ready for class 10-15 minutes before the start time in order to fill out paperwork, meet your instructor, ask any questions, get a brief tour, and get set up in the studio room. If you’d like to come in at an earlier time to complete these steps, we are happy to set up a meeting with our studio manager.

What happens if I arrive late to class? It is extremely disruptive to other clients when a client walks in late, so we ask that you please plan to always arrive a few minutes early. If late, please call in advance to let the studio know so that your spot is not given to a walk-in client. Our front desk staff can then help you quickly find your place in the class, with minimal disruption to the participants. If you are a new client and class has started, you will not be able to participate as you must complete paperwork beforehand.

Do I need to book every class in advance? Yes, we ask that you please reserve your spot through your account online. We like to cap our classes so that the studio room is not over-crowded and so clients can get the most out of every class. If classes are full, we highly recommend adding yourself to the wait list. If you do so, please plan to attend and you will be notified up to four hours of your class start time. It is your responsibility to check your e-mail and attend. Standard cancellation policies apply to the wait list clients when added into a class. We always welcome walk-ins, but we cannot guarantee an opening; therefore, we do not recommend this.

How do I schedule or cancel a class? Please sign onto our website, and your account, which is linked to MindBody and contains our schedule as well as your scheduled classes. You will need to select “my info” and then “my schedule”.

Is the schedule I see now going to change weekly? Our schedule remains consistent from week to week. We typically update/revise the schedule, adding new classes, with the season change. You can expect a new schedule (with some slight revisions) to be released in summer, fall, and spring. It is our goal to keep any newly released schedule consistent with the prior schedule, but we also survey our clients for any additions they wish to see added and take this feedback into consideration when building a new schedule.

What is the cancellation policy for all classes? We have a late cancellation policy when you’ve reserved a space in class. Our early morning classes (prior to 8:25am) must be cancelled 9.5 hrs prior to the start of class. All other classes must be cancelled 4 hours prior to the start of class. If you do not cancel your class before the late cancellation window begins, you will be charged for that class. Depending on what package you have, you will be charged a $15 late cancel/no-show fee (if you are on a contract) or lose the class out of your package (if you are on a class package or a single class). To avoid a late charge, you must both sign in and participate in the class.

*Please note for special events the cancellation window is 24 hours prior to the start of the event.

What is the cancellation policy for memberships or packages? We do not refund packages or early terminate memberships. Our membership duration is chosen by the client, with no memberships automatically renewing under any circumstance. Clients can take advantage of discounted rates by committing to a longer membership, and upon purchase of the membership, agree to monthly payments for the duration of the membership they have chosen. Should a new medical issue arise, a membership suspension will be placed on your account. Should you permanently relocate outside of a 60 mile radius of Novo, your membership can be terminated with a termination fee of 50% of your remaining balance due at time of termination.

How does the waitlist work? If a class is full, you have the option to add your name to the waitlist in the same way you reserve your spot online. We recommend adding your name to the list, as we do everything we can to get you in the class from the waitlist. If someone drops from the class, clients on the waitlist are added in the order they reserved a waitlist spot. You will only be added up to 4 hours before the start of class, and will be notified with an automatic email. Upon being added to the class, you are responsible for attending. In the event we have a late cancellation and a spot opens up, we will call you to see if you would like to be added to the class.

Can I attend a class if I am pregnant? Yes! Please see our “Prenatal” Page for details.

Can I bring my child with me? We welcome children 15+ in our classes. If you have a child 10 and under, they are welcome to attend our youth services sessions (currently offered at 8:30am, 9:45am, 4:00pm, and 5:15pm (weekdays), as well as Saturday mornings) and play in our playroom under supervision while you take class! Youth service sessions are $5 per child per session, or you can purchase a 10 class package for only $40. Please email before bringing your child so we can send you our youth services policies in advance.  

Do you offer discounts? Yes! For new clients, we have a one month unlimited special. If you are a current client and purchase your next membership prior to your current membership expiration, you will receive a special “VIP” discount on your purchase. We also have specials for pre-wedding and post-baby! In addition, all full-time students, teachers, and military get 15% off class packages and memberships. We also have a rewards program through Perkville, which allows clients to redeem points for free classes and a free one month membership. Some limitations apply. 

Do you offer childcare?We offer youth services for children ages 6 weeks to 10 years during specific class times (see schedule for details). The cost is $5 per child per visit (or purchase a package for $4/session), and registration is done online prior to the session. Please email us for more information and registration information.

Do you sell gift certificates? Gift certificates in any amount can be purchased online or in studio and can be redeemed for services or merchandise. Make sure to keep up with the gift card number, as we use that to redeem. To purchase online, click HERE!