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Summer at Novo was packed with TONS of fun and sweat!

In both June and July, we ran a summer attendance challenge for our clients. Whoever attended the most classes in each month got a FREE unlimited month added to their contract. Our wonderful, spunky, dedicated client, Jo, won not only the June attendance challenge, but also the July challenge! Even more, she beat her own record for June with her July attendance, participating in 50+ classes in the month of July alone! A huge congrats to this superstar!

jo winner

Our biggest accomplishment this summer by FAR was our “Move Through Midnight Fundraiser.” June 5-6. Our clients participated in back-to-back classes starting the evening of the 5th, and ended in the early hours of the morning on June 6th. It was a night filled with so much fun, energy, sweat, snacks, and love! Clients participated with a donation for Camp Joy, a local children’s summer camp that is free for the participants. We were so thrilled to see so many of our clients participate, and even those who couldn’t make the event made a donation! Because of this, we were able to raise over $1,000.00 for Camp Joy so they could purchase life vests and bicycles for the kids this summer!

move midnight

Also in June, we hosted our first EVER tap n’ pow{h}er summer camp for preteen girls! Eleven girls came for four days to learn all about the method and the importance of empowering each other and themselves. We ended with a presentation for the parents and the girls blew them away with all they had learned! It was an amazing week working with them!

tnp camp

We were elated to bring 6+ new clients into our 100 Class Club over the summer! We are so proud of each of these women for their dedication to their fitness journey and our Novo community! What an awesome experience it is to hear their testimonials after reaching 100 classes – from how they feel stronger to how they have dropped pant sizes, their accomplishments are amazing!

On a sad note, we had to tell 8+ clients of military families “goodbye” as they moved on to their next adventure.  We will truly miss each of them and their presence in our classes. Novo is truly a community, and each of these sweet, loyal clients changed our community for the better.

In July, we welcomed our newest teacher, Hannah Mize to our schedule as she officially began teaching her own classes! Hannah has been a dedicated client since we first opened, and it was amazing to watch her grow through her certification and apprenticeship, and now watch her soar in her own classes! If you have not had a chance to take BarreAmped with Hannah, make it a priority! Her musicality, instruction, and creativity make her a huge asset to our community. You can read all about her here:

A big “thank you” to all of clients who participated in our NEW promo video and testimonial video. And an even bigger “thanks” to Zach with Z Michael Studios for his awesome work. Check out what we are all about here: and here:

zach shoot

Finally, we were excited to make some awesome studio upgrades this summer! We added even more blinds to the upper windows in our studio lobby and studio room to help with the summer heat, and we also had more custom clothing displays installed in the lobby. This was in preparation for tripling our retail in our lobby boutique! In addition to carrying Manduka hand and mat towels, ToeSocks and Great Soles, Soleil soy candles, Piloxing gloves, and doTERRA intro kits, we will now (starting Fall) carry custom glass water bottles, essential oil sprays, custom tote bags, and essential oil diffusers. We have also expanded our apparel selection! We will continue to carry unique, fun pieces from Onzie, Alo, and Glyder, and we are thrilled to add (starting Fall) Coobie sports bras and panties, our own custom clothing from Twine Graphics in Franklin, TN., and pieces from Karma!

We crammed all we could into our summer at the barre, and we hope your summer was filled with tons of fun too! Make sure to check out our latest email newsletter for our upcoming fall news – including Buti Yoga, special workshops/events, new schedule additions, etc. Read all about it here:

As we wind down from the whirlwind of summer sweat and excitement, we look forward to the freshness that comes with the autumn! Join us at Novo this Fall as we continue to grow our community!

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