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I get it, I’ve walked in your shoes. I know what it feels like to spend thousands of dollars that don’t get you anywhere, to spend countless hours researching every single day, to try to get to the “why” behind the symptoms, to desperately seek to find solutions, to feel frustrated with our healthcare system, and to feel like you’re on an island, all alone making crucial decisions for you and your family.

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You’re in the driver’s seat. I’m the mentor, cheerleader, and hype girl!

Monthly Membership

One 20 minute phone call a month with undivided time and attention. Whether you are needing recommendations, support through a specific health concern, product swaps, nutrition tips, or lifestyle changes, the call is yours and the time can be used however you wish. Get ongoing support for your health journey with this pricing option!


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1:1 One-Hour Coaching Session

Needing guidance, feeling stuck, hit a plateau, need help to get you back on track? Book a 1:1 60 minute call and you will also receive a follow up email with action steps. Feel free to send notes prior to the call so we have an outline of questions and topics you’d like to cover!


All 1:1 sessions are non-refundable and must be used within three months.

I kindly request a 48-hour notice of cancellation to reschedule the call.

1:1 Session Bundle

Five 30-minute, one-on-one sessions to provide an in-depth wellness assessment, a customized plan, and help with goal setting. You will receive an email recap after each session with notes, holistic health tips, resources, natural remedies, and protocol recommendations.


Sessions expire 12 months from the purchase date.
Use at your own pace, as needed.

Once scheduled, I kindly request a 48-hour notice of cancellation to reschedule the call. Missed calls that are not re-scheduled within the 48-hour window, are not able to be rescheduled and will count as a call deducted from the package.


Navigating the Unknown

Ellen has been not only a wealth of knowledge, but a breath of fresh air for us. She was a calming voice that came in during our chaos and helped breathe peace, guidance, and wisdom into the unknown. She was thorough and detailed, without being overwhelming, in helping me feel prepared to have an informed and educated conversation with our provider regarding gut health and mold. She answered all of my questions clearly and with confidence and took the time to send extremely detailed follow up notes after we spoke. I think this is exactly what’s missing and what we as moms need to give us the extra boost of confidence to follow our gut. I am forever thankful for Ellen and will definitely be using her in the future!
-Lindsey M.

New Momma Insight

As a newly pregnant momma, I found myself extremely overwhelmed with all of the information out there and not sure where to start on my own research journey. Ellen broke down many different topics from the importance of informed consent on vaccines, as well as informed consent throughout pregnancy and birth, to prenatal exercise, to eating a nutrient dense diet, to helpful supplement recommendations, and everything in between. She also provided me with endless resources and encouraged me to do my own research and see what felt best for me. She was kind, incredibly informative, non judgmental, and was able to speak from personal experience and factual information to help me best understand each topic. She is the momma cheerleader we all need that helps us feel empowered, informed, educated, and confident!
– Ashley K.

From Skin Woes to UTI Solutions

Where do I even start?! What hasn’t Ellen helped me with? From skin to UTI problems, Ellen has been through it all with me. The time she took to research more about what was going on with me and to help me was such a blessing. She sent me multiple articles, so many links of products (every single health guru needs to sponsor her), and so much more! Ellen takes the time to listen to you and then dives deep into research on how to get to the root of the problem. She’s a lifesaver and I don’t know what I would’ve done without her!”
– Belle C.

Holistic Home Makeover

Ellen has been such a blessing to our family in many ways, especially when it came to natural swaps for common household items! First, she guided me in the direction of changing my toothpaste I use (which I did), and ever since then, my teeth have felt the healthiest & strongest they ever have! She also helped me with eliminating all chemical cleaning products and with our allergies, I’ve noticed a HUGE difference. There are little to no reactions now after cleaning, which is big progress as my daughter’s and I all have asthma! She’s also been pivotal in guiding me to more holistic medicines. As I have begun to throw away medicines like Tylenol and Ibuprofen, switching them for replacements, I have noticed my kids and I all have been sick WAY less and when we do get sick, it’s short lived in minor symptoms! Ellen is extremely passionate and knowledgeable, and I’m truly thankful for all the guidance she’s given me to better help my family. She is loving and gracious with every piece of advice/guidance she has given me. There is SO MUCH more that I could write about how she has helped me and my family, but I’ll just finish by saying Ellen is truly one of a kind!
– Sandy B.

Acute Ear Infection

Could not be more thankful for Ellen’s help for my daughter’s ear infection! It was just a few days before we had to get on an airplane to fly overseas and my four year old daughter was diagnosed with a double ear infection so I reached out to Ellen to see if she had any natural remedies to help. She knew exactly what dosage and frequency of homeopathy remedies and silver to put in my daughter’s ears and no joke, 2 days later we went back to the doctor and they found no trace of infection! Elle was a lifesaver as we were able to fly and my daughter had no problems!
– Laura B.

A Holistic Journey

I reached out to Ellen on a whim about liver support post-accutane and stubborn acne. She was so kind and helpful! She took time out of her busy schedule to really connect with me, and is so knowledgeable and informative! She truly has a passion and a heart for helping people heal and it shows! She shared specific dietary changes, supplements she recommended, and other therapies and tests I could do to get to the root cause of the issue. After our conversation, she sent me a link to an article that was very informative on recovering post-accutane, as well as linked all of the specific supplements and tests she recommended. I am still using all of the supplements and love them! I feel SO much better.

On another occasion, Ellen was so helpful in recommending and sending links of supplements to heal molluscuscum contagiosum, something my children have been fighting on and off for at least a year. We are finally molluscum free & have Ellen to thank! She is awesome, approachable, relatable, informative, knowledgeable, kind, understanding— I highly recommend her! She is my go to girl for all homeopathy & holistic healing!
-Kayli K.

Toxic Load Transformation

Lowering our toxic load & taking a more holistic approach to our family’s health has always been a top priority to me. Many times, however, I found myself overwhelmed after doing my own research – comparing various brands of the same product, searching for the cleanest options, and determining best courses of action when illness struck.

The times that I found myself stuck, Ellen was a WEALTH of knowledge! She was happy to share what had worked for herself/her family & the products that they kept around their home and in their “medicine cabinet” – even sending me videos of their supplement lineups & links to products. It is so evident how knowledgeable she is & how passionate she is about helping others find what works best for them. Anyone who works with her will SURELY benefit from it!
– Sarah W.

Empathetic Health Partner

In a world where root cause is overlooked and the only way to get real help with health is to tirelessly advocate for yourself, Ellen is a breath of fresh air. She has spent countless moments responding to my cries for help about everything from asthma and eczema to mollusucum contagiosum. Not only has she recommended accessible remedies, but she has met my desperation with a genuine calm that allows me to ground myself and take back control of what feels so very out of my control. Ellen is caring, empathetic, and goal-oriented, and I look forward to continuing my health journey under her care.
– Lauren W.

Crunchy World Guide

I’m fairly new to the crunchy world, so I have a lot to learn, but as soon as I knew I wanted to join this club I knew who my first contact would be – Ellen! I’m in constant awe of her thirst for knowledge when it comes to natural healing. She is consistently able to point me in the right direction when it comes to supplements, root causes, information, etc – and even if she isn’t sure right then, she is willing to dig deep and figure it out. I can 100% trust her recommendations and information, because her thoroughness is unparalleled. I’m so thankful for our little Insta messages and her willingness to pour into others!
– Jamie K.

Holistic Health Transformation

I recently started my household on a health journey due to continuous illnesses, stomach aches, hormone imbalances, brain fog, and eczema. Thanks to Ellen being vocal and concerned for everyone’s health, I would ask questions about the informative articles and research on her social media and every time her responses are detailed and accurate. With the information that I received from Ellen, I’ve been able to notice the healing within myself and also notice healing and positive differences in my husband and children. I’m thankful for her information and advice and plan to continue working with Ellen 1:1 in the future!
– Paris J.

Lyme Disease Guidance

I reached out to Ellen because I was interested in a product that she posted about that could benefit me in the healing from Lyme disease. She began linking me with useful information that could aid in my Lyme journey, including supplements, webinars, podcasts, professionals, etc. I am healed now and I truly feel like Ellen had a hand in that. I highly recommend her to anyone that is needing help and guidance in their own health journey to healing!
– Lisha H.

Living Low Tox

Ellen has been an essential tool for me when it comes to finding clean products and information. She’s never NOT had an answer and has always added references or resources to back it up. She doesn’t just study the ways of a low tox/holistic lifestyle, she lives and breathes it. Anyone can simply regurgitate what they’ve read but Ellen genuinely cares for other people’s well being and is always super supportive.
– Krystal R.

Holistic Learning Adventure

“Ellen has been and continues to be a huge asset in educating me on the pros of functional/holistic healing. She uses her social media platforms as a way to educate others about natural remedies, helpful/essential tips for staying healthy, and ways to actually treat the root cause, etc.

Throughout our initial, complimentary meeting, Ellen recommended natural supplements and oils to take daily to help boost my overall health. She has remained a constant for me to turn to whenever I have questions about certain products, ingredients, pregnancy, etc… I cannot wait to work with her in the future, officially!
– Jordan G.

Path to True Wellness

For years I beat around the bush with my doctors, letting them just prescribe me different medications to see if we can treat one issue while neglecting another issue. I knew I needed to seek out the root causes and look for more natural ways of healing my body and giving it what it truly needs instead of putting small band-aids on big issues. It wasn’t until I met Ellen that I really started to understand that I wasn’t crazy in knowing there was more to my health story. From the jump, she went in and provided me with so much information, links to resources, and just general emotional support. I honestly cannot thank her enough for merely starting me on the right path of healing my whole body instead of focusing on small singular issues.
– Maddy B.

Skin and Hormone Balance

Ellen has been so helpful during my skin healing and hormone balancing journey. Every time I have an issue or question I just shoot her a text and she has so many recommendations. I have definitely seen a difference in my skin health and also my overall health (sleep, energy, mood etc.) since starting some vitamin and mineral supplements she has recommended. She is definitely my go to for all things gut health and natural healing and really has inspired me to move towards cleaner products and living a cleaner life.
– Katherine S.

Relief From Suffering

Ellen is an answered prayer that came to us during a time of suffering. She equipped us with the tools that were needed to bring relief and begin healing. We’re forever thankful for her loving spirit & wisdom!
-Olivia S.