I was hooked on Novo…
After my first Barre class! The atmosphere was amazing, everyone was so incredibly nice, and all the teachers made an effort to remember your name.

When I’m at Novo, I enjoy…
Taking all the various classes. So much is offered and I want to soak it all in as it’s what sets Novo apart.

When I’m not at Novo, I enjoy…
Traveling with my husband and doing weekend getaways or having fun with family around the pool.

My fuel or inspiration for class is…
Taking everyone’s Buti classes to see how other people interpret the method for themselves.

My non-Novo job is…
I am a Master Cosmetologist/Color Specialist at rumor Hair Skin and Beauty in Columbus, GA.

You’d be surprised to know…
How much time and planning goes into planning your everyday classes at Novo and how much of our hearts each instructor pours into each class.

You’ll probably find me humming/singing…
Anything you can imagine. I like to listen to I wide variety of music from EDM to Reggae from hip hop to popular music from the 70s and 80s or 90s rock. I love it all.

Certified + Completed Apprenticeship in:
200 HR RYT
305 Fitness
Buti Flow
Buti Sculpt
Buti Yoga