I was hooked on Novo…
When I saw it for the first time in person two weeks before opening. I’ll never forget that feeling of putting on the mic, cranking up the volume, closing my eyes, and just living in that surreal moment.

When I’m at Novo, I enjoy…Shaking my ish with our bomb community who give me all the “goosies and feels”.

When I’m not at Novo, I enjoy…
Seeing the world with my husband, choreographing music, spending time with my sweet doodles and my sister’s kids (I claim as my own), watching anything dance related, and harmonizing to whatever song is playing.

My fuel or inspiration for class is…
Music + Matcha + New Moves.

My non-Novo job is…
Novo, of course.

I’m totally obsessed with…
Praying, traveling, learning, new adventures, music, family, dancing whenever the beat drops, sunshine, a real and raw conversation, Dancing with the Stars, and chocolate.

You’d be surprised to know…
I have a half Master’s in Social Work, our family lived in London, England, and I have been to 16 different countries so far!

You’ll probably find me humming/singing…
ANY rap song that I can plug into a casual conversation.

Certified + Completed Apprenticeship in:

tap n’ pow{h}er
hold n’ pow{h}er
energy n’ pow{h}er
BarreAmped Bootcamp/Extreme Cardio
BarreAmped Fire
BarreAmped Advanced
bellicon Bounce
bellicon Circle
Buti Lite
Hot Buti
Buti Yoga
Buti Flow
Hot Core
Buti Sculpt
200 hour RYT
BarreAmped Bands
305 Fitness