a woman in leggings and a tank top stands next to a trampoline, holding one of the tramp legs so that the pad faces away from her body. Her left leg extends as she follows along with the instructor off camera

We welcome people of all fitness levels and experience. Remember, we were all a “new client” at some point (even your instructors)! Please note that while we welcome potential clients to tour the facility and meet our staff prior to classes, we do not have regular business hours (we close during early afternoon and reopen mid-afternoon as classes resume). Please schedule an appointment via email if you wish to set up a free studio tour and/or consultation.

We recommend wearing fitted clothing (such as leggings and a tank top), and you can either be barefooted for class or you can wear grip socks (available for purchase in the studio). All the equipment you need is already at the studio, so just bring a bottle of water (or purchase one in studio).

We ask that first time clients arrive about 15 minutes early so you can fill out necessary paperwork, and we can have a chance to go over major items with you.  We will then get you set up in the studio with everything you need, and make sure you meet your instructor. **Please note, if you are under the age of 18, we MUST have a parent come in with you to complete the initial paperwork.

Upon your arrival and completion of initial paperwork, you will be asked about any injuries, surgeries, etc. that would constitute a need for modifications in certain exercises. Please notify your instructor at this time if you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant. This is in an effort to keep you safe and comfortable, while maximizing your workout with us! You will be introduced to your instructor and given a brief tour of the facility while being directed to the studio room. There, the set-up and minimal equipment will be explained to you and we will help you find your spot for class.

As far as the workout itself, just follow the teacher’s instructions and demonstrations, staying in modified positions as you feel necessary.  Your teacher will dialogue and demonstrate for the entire hour to help guide you through the class. If at any point you feel like you need assistance or clarification, just raise your hand and your instructor can help you.  We will do our best to place you by an experienced client so you have someone close by as a model.

Our methods are very much based on tactile corrections. We care about your form because it helps you get the most from the workout and it keeps you safe! An instructor might come over to you and adjust you during the course of the class – just remember it is a good thing. Also, know that “resets” are a huge part of the method.  That means you can come out of the exercise, take a breath, set up your form again, and get back in the exercise – do this as often as you need! If you prefer to not be touched, just inform the instructor in advance.

several women stand in a row at the barre, arms extended, squatting. They face the mirror to the right, off-camera, as an instructor leads class in the background

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(If you need to cancel for any reason, please do so before the late cancellation window in order to avoid an additional charge. See detailed description of our cancellation policy in our customer agreement after you create your account.)