Why “New Year, New You” – Making the most of 2018!

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Every January, we give ourselves the chance to start over. We get a clean slate, a “re-do,” a chance to take a minute and analyze just what might need to change in our lives or ourselves. While others might argue that this is unnecessary, or even doing a disservice to ourselves, I believe it is quite the opposite. This season, this month of newness, is an opportunity and a gift!

Why? It’s simple really – we all have things we want to change, improve on, or grow in. This is GOOD! What would our lives be if we didn’t have this desire? Well, it would mean one of two things – either our lives are perfection (if yours is, please tell me how to get there!), or we are complacent about our reality with no desire or drive. None of us are perfect. None of us have it all together. So that leaves option two, which seems like a pretty sad place to be.

So we embrace the new year, and the opportunity for a “new you.” This is going to resound differently with each of us. Look past the surface of the catch-phrase and apply it to YOU. Maybe it means limiting your technology so you can experience the present. Maybe it means meal planning to make the week days easier and stress-free. Maybe it means reading more, waking up earlier, establishing a workout routine, having quiet time each day, making a weekly “date night” with the hubby, getting organized, practicing patience, the list goes on and on…

There is always an opportunity for improvement. We should always desire growth. And while change may be scary, it is a necessary part of life that often brings some kind of good.

Each January, people set resolutions that don’t happen. And each January, people make resolutions that WORK (goal setting, anyone?). I’ve had the privilege of listening to and “watching” on social media the testimonials of our clients who started at Novo in January of 2017. They are telling their friends, “this time last year, I took my first class, and for the first time EVER, January doesn’t mean finding a new workout plan!”

Whatever your goals for 2018, SET THEM. Embrace the newness of the year and the potential for the positive changes you can make in yourself or your life. If you fail, start over. But if you are specific, realistic, and committed, there’s a good chance you’ll succeed beyond your expectations.

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