One Year Down, Many More To Go!

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Today has been a whirlwind, but better than either of us could EVER imagine. We have had a day filled with love, laughter, tears (of the happy kind), and of course….sweat. We are immensely grateful for each of the wonderful, precious clients who have walked through our doors. You have made this last year a dream fulfilled for us! We can’t even start to digest what all happened in this last year…but to sum it up, we had an idea, fused with passion, took a leap, and (so far) we are flying. Without God, the amazing dedication of our clients, and the constant support of our sweet families, we would not be anywhere.

This January marked a new calendar year for us, and with it, came so many new faces. We also added Alana and Kayla to our teaching schedule, and brought on two new tap n’ pow{h}er apprentices! We are so excited for our upcoming tap n’ pow{h}er certification in March – our second certification to be hosted at Novo and led by Ellen!

We started a new power hour series in January, a series of four 9-minute workshops to be held one Sunday of each month. Our first two sessions were a HUGE success! The first power hour was a 60 minute BarreAmped followed by a 30 minute Yoga Flow, and our second session was a 30 minute “glow school” (from tn’p, breaking down yoga flows/poses used in the class), followed by a 60 minute tap n’ pow{h}er and energy n’ pow{h}er mash-up class! Thank you to each of you who attended these two events and made them so fun and energetic! Power hour 3 is scheduled for the end of March!

power hour 1    power hour 2

In February, we hosted our second ever “Barre Bro Date Night.”  This was an event to raise funds for Hospice, and was completely packed out with 9 amazing couples! The guys worked so hard and got to experience what we do at the barre everyday! It was a fun, sweat-filled, laughter-filled evening, and we can’t wait to host another event like this in the future!

Barre bro 1

Barre bro 2

barre bro 3

Here are some pictures from our 1 year “birthday.” An enormous thank you to our sweet teachers, clients, and family who came out to support us!


A BIG thank you to Jenny and Juice Bar Columbus for being a part of our special day!





And finally, we had a February “Fall in Love with BarreAmped Challenge,” in which clients were challenged to attend 16 or more BarreAmped classes in 4 weeks. Congrats to the following clients for meeting that goal:

Ashley B., Amanda D., Sherry B., Bethany W., Jessica R., Jessica D., Lindsey D., Sandi V., Amy A., Ginelle B., Lane W., Margaret B., Carrie K.

Our grand prize winner is Ashley Brennaman, who attended 20 BarreAmped classes in 4 weeks!

In honor of our 1 year birthday, we did a raffle for a free month unlimited for any client who came through our doors today. Congrats to Bethany Walsh for winning one free month unlimited!

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