Image is of 6 students exercising by stretching a band. The instructor is standing behind them.

Mind-body fitness is our specialty, and the methods offered at Novo Fitness Studio ensure clients can achieve their health and wellness goals by putting mind to muscle. Each of our featured methods are unique, unlike any other exercise program in existence. All of our methods are group fitness classes, with individualized attention given to each and every participant. Instead of a pre-set, pre-planned class, our instructors have the liberty to create a brand new, completely customized workout just for a specific group of clients, pulling from the library of exercises of that method. Across the board, the methods that we teach use music as an integral part of the class. Music is more than background noise; to us, it drives the entire workout and helps to provide the drive and motivation to keep clients giving 100 percent. Each method is form-focused, ensuring clients are kept safe while maximizing their work. In doing so, each of the methods offered emphasize the importance of a neutral spine. There are a variety of classes within each of our main methods, making each of them accessible to clients, regardless of their fitness level or experience.


Buti Yoga



Neutral Spine