Prepping for Change

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“Novo” means “change” in Latin. Why did we feel this name would be appropriate for our studio?

Opening this studio comes at a time of huge transition for both of us.  Ellen and her husband, Greg, are moving back to Columbus from their home in Nashville, leaving life as they know it behind. Ellen is leaving her studio, Releve One, and her mentor and dear friend, Amy Weber, to join her sister in creating a studio of their own.


(Photo taken by Ali at Grove Aesthetic Photography)

Beth Anne is leaving her job as a stay at home mommy to Lucas, to begin teaching again, not in the High School English classroom, in a new “subject”, in a new space.

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The timing of our plans to open the studio came during a time of change as well.  As some of you know, our grandfather, Robert George, passed away this past November.  Ironically, the morning of his death coincided with our first meeting with our realtor to look at potential spaces for the studio.  We know he would be proud of this business venture, being a businessman himself, and it is with sadness that we travel this road without him.

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Our goal for Novo is to help our clients change.  Maybe that means finally getting to that level of fitness that you thought was completely out of reach.  Perhaps it is changing into a better version of yourself, growing in self-confidence, or changing your perspective on yourself or your life.  Whatever it is, we want to join you in the journey of change.

Lastly, the motto for BarreAmped is “shake, burn, change,” because as you participate in this method (the shaking, the burning), you will see the change happen in your body, your mind, and your spirit.

T-minus 14 days to change, Columbus. Get ready to form a whole new definition of the word!

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