Wondering if Novo is a good fit for you? Check out what some of our clients have to say!


Clients see visible results within 2-6 weeks of attending classes regularly.


Clients are satisfied or very satisfied with the changes they have seen and felt at Novo.


Clients say they are more consistent and committed to working out since joining our studio.

Top 3 Results

  • Feeling better mentally and physically 100% 100%
  • Inches Lost 100% 100%
  • More Energy 100% 100%

“Joining Novo has been the best decision I have made for myself. It has helped me grow stronger physically, mentally and spiritually. I am proud to say that at age 59, I still have the stamina to do planks and cardio workouts . Thanks to the methods, the passion and experience of our certified instructors, and the overwhelming support from the Novo community of empowered women.”


“Novo has been my fitness place for the last 2 and a half years, and I can say without a doubt they are the BEST! The co-owners and instructors are very knowledgable, personable, and inspiring. There are a wide variety of classes so boredom never sets in. Also, different options are available for the beginner to the advanced. The studio is extremely clean and offers so many extras. I have met so many nice people here; younger to older and of all body types.”


“When I found Novo online over a year ago, I was bored working with a trainer. Since starting Novo, my blood pressure is lower and my heart scan shows less plaque as a result of taking the cardio classes. The energy and wonderful instructors have let me see that I can push myself further than I thought. Novo is the best thing going in Columbus!”


“I have seen so many positive changes in my body from a loss of inches to toning all over! But more than that, Novo has given me a self-confidence that I have never had and makes me feel good about myself.”


“Never in my life have I worked out consistently for more than a few months. Two and a half years later I continue to work out at Novo 3-5 days a week. With the variety of classes it never gets old and it never gets easy! In Novo I found far more than just a fitness studio.”


“I would have never thought I would be wearing a two-piece swimsuit – ever! However, here I am wearing them at the beach! Thank you for helping me get my confidence back!”


“I was so nervous on my first visit, but upon walking through the door, what I immediately found was a beautiful community of refuge, empowerment, and healing! This amazing tribe of warrior women who love, support, and truly want to see each other succeed is exactly what I needed in my life!”


“I enjoy every workout and I am always challenged. It’s been over a year and I am not even a smidge bored. There is no place like it and you get to be surrounded by encouraging, wonderful ladies that support you all the way!”


“From the moment I walked into Novo I could tell that something was different about this place. I could feel it when I walked in the door and I could hear it from a long ways away (haha)! Each and every one of the instructors is truly AMAZING!!! You will not find a more caring, committed, motivating, encouraging, and compassionate group of ladies anywhere. I am completely convinced of that.”


“Novo is the total package! The variety of classes, childcare, encouraging instructors, and upbeat music make it impossible to not have fun while working out. Novo has helped me regain confidence and self worth while becoming stronger.”


“Novo is hard to describe until you’ve actually experienced it. From the moment you join this community you feel the support from not only the instructors, but also the clients. We all dance, struggle, and laugh together, and then we come back each day and do it again. The classes are fun, the results are amazing, and the fellowship truly feels like family.”


“I was a little skeptical…but I now attend classes at least 5 days a week and actually want to work out. It’s not only the best workout and fitness studio, it’s a place where women can come and feel like they are a part of something and to take care of themselves. This community is judgment free and truly cares about their clients!”