Wondering if Novo is a good fit for you? Check out what some of our clients have to say!


Clients see visible results within 2-6 weeks of attending classes regularly.


Clients are satisfied or very satisfied with the changes they have seen and felt at Novo.


Clients say they are more consistent and committed to working out since joining our studio.

Top 3 Results

  • Feeling better mentally and physically 100% 100%
  • Inches Lost 100% 100%
  • More Energy 100% 100%

“I came to Novo at least four times per week during my pregnancy, and though it was difficult at times, it paid off! My delivery was easy enough and I recovered quickly. I jumped back to Novo as soon as my doctor gave me the “okay.” Now my son and I both can enjoy the Novo community together!”

Kyra Kottle, member since 2017

“I first heard about Novo when I was living all the way in San Jose, Mexico! I was so excited to join as soon as we moved to GA. After taking my first class I signed up for a yearly membership and have not looked back. Novo has absolutely become the best part of my day. I am always greeted by smiling faces, endless support, and contagious energy and passion.”

Ashley Grella, member since 2018

“What they say is true; there is truly “No place like Novo!” The positive energy you feel the moment you walk in is addicting and the variety of classes keeps you coming back for more. I was shocked how quickly I, and others around me, began seeing results. In just a short 9 months at Novo, I have already lost the 40 pounds I gained over the last 10 years!”

Ashley Lind, member since 2018

“This place is truly unique. Everyone is so friendly and truly supportive of each other. I see women from all walks of life feeling connected by this bond that we all have knowing that Novo is a place where we can connect, regardless of whatever struggles you may be going through. Novo provides a safe place where everyone is included and we can mutually meet our goals together.”

Kathy Houston, member since 2016

“I have been “Team Novo” since the first year it opened. I was looking for something new when a co-worker suggested I take a barre class. I felt a connection to the people and the method immediately. One class turned into over one hundred before I knew it. I have become stronger, confident, and have boosted my physical endurance. On a lighter note I am a better dancer and a connoisseur of Trap Music. An important aspect of joining with Novo is that you will become a member of a village of people who will work to support you at becoming your best physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

Tegrin Averett, member since 2014

“At Novo, I actually want to go workout and look forward to it during the day! The variety of classes offered, and the seasonal schedule changes, make it absolutely impossible to get stuck in a rut or bored with your workouts. I love knowing that I’m never alone and that there is always someone willing and able to help if I feel like I’m doing something incorrectly (or if I have an injury and I’m not sure how to modify), making it impossible to NOT see results! Never have I met such wonderful people who love, support, and celebrate their clients’ successes like the amazing ladies of Novo!”

Kayla Greer, member since 2018

“It is because of Novo and the instructors there that I have confidence in myself again, but not the confidence you would expect. Most people would say losing weight has helped them have a new-found confidence to wear that shirt or those long-lost jeans. My confidence is entirely different. I have confidence in my strength, in my willpower, in my ability to know I AM ENOUGH. I am strong enough to know, I am perfectly made with my flaws. I often feel I am ‘too much’ of… everything, whether it be too silly, too excited, too extra, too goofy, too chunky, too shy, too self-conscious. Whatever I may be too much of, Novo embraced me with every bit of those ‘too much’ parts and opened their arms wide and embraced them every single time I stepped in the studio. Thank you for that and for awakening the confidence in my strength as a woman.”

Courtney Duncan, member since 2018

“Novo is a one of a kind work out experience. Up until this year, I’ve always focused on resistance training with a mix of cardio. The results from that have been good, but I’ve never experienced the changes in my body like I have at Novo. The classes are fun and challenging. I always leave feeling stronger and more confident! The staff is amazing – always greeting me with a smile and
an encouraging word! I look forward to it every day. It truly is HOME!”

Brandy Drake, member since 2019

“Novo is life changing. When I started Novo, I was an over-weight, new to an empty nest, depressed Mom who didn’t exercise. I had lost myself raising kids, and once they left I had no idea who I was anymore. After joining Novo, I began finding myself again. I was able to discover, and even celebrate, the new ME! I am still a mom, but now I am also a runner (10ks!), an activist, an educator and an overall stronger woman. The Novo instructors encourage you when you are down or struggling. They go out of their way to make you feel welcome. Every day I walk into Novo, I am celebrating myself with my Novo sisters.”

Kathy Bolar, member since 2017

“‘Listen to Your Body’…A statement spoken by Ellen in the first class I took. I learned that was a principle all instructors shared. This statement brought so much peace to me after having a bilateral mastectomy with Latissimus muscle reconstruction (basically they disconnect your latissimus muscle in your back at the bottom and pull it through your arm pit. They then attach the muscle close to your breast plate. This is to form a pocket to hold an implant). What this means for me is my range of motion and strength is different than others. I need to be careful and process what each move means for MY body. I have been blessed that each instructor had taken time to get to know and understand my limits but also have not been afraid to challenge me in areas they know I can do! I have watched my body change and adapt to different moves and positions. I would want to encourage anyone that faces physical or mental challenges to trust yourself, trust your instructors and trust those the Lord has brought around you. Novo has been a blessing that has brought strength and peace. Thank you to my Novo Fam!””

Laura Daniel, member since 2018

“I cannot thank my friend Jessica enough for encouraging me to give Novo a try! My weakest link when it comes to exercise is any type of strength training. I love that all the classes at Novo incorporate some aspect of strength training along with a healthy dose of cardio and fun! I have made new friends and reconnected with old ones as well while training in the studio. Thank you, Novo!”

Angela McCrea, member since 2018

“Before Novo I had tried everything from a traditional gym membership to CrossFit and never found anything I could stick to that worked for me. I had a friend convince me to start attending Novo and after just the first 7 classes I was able to tell a difference with my body. Novo was a perfect fit! The workouts are always fun, engaging, and different. I just lose myself and before I know it the class is over and I’m ready to take another. The instructors are SO incredible and also amazing at helping me modify my workout, so I could get the same amount of work if i have an injury or am super sore! This is one of the most supportive, friendly, and inviting communities I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of.”

Ari McLean, member since 2018