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In early 2016, we began serious discussions of how we could better accommodate our growing studio. Our staff was growing, our clients were growing, and we had maxed out our schedule with the influx of new faces ready to kick-start their new year. We looked at various options, but our desire was to stay close to where we were, and if at all possible, not have to walk away from the place we called #homesweetNovo (just to start all over again from nothing). We knew we couldn’t go behind us, due to storage for Tractor Supply, and we couldn’t go forward (there’s a parking lot there!), and we couldn’t take over any of our neighbor’s space at Tractor Supply. This left us with one (somewhat far-fetched) option, to expand to the opposite side into the curb towards the side road that leads into the parking lot. We thought it was worth asking, since it was the only way we could stay in our current location, and to our surprise, our landlord thought it would be doable! We were so excited to be able to announce to our community that we had a plan in store for January 2017, and it was a perfect blend of the old and new!

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Step 1: The landscaping was cleared out, the AC unit and street light were relocatedFullSizeRender (84)
The slab was poured, plumbing lines set, and then the framing started!

FullSizeRender (85)
The building was originally drawn to be a 1,200 square foot addition, but it ended up being over 1,400 sq ft!

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While everyone was complaining about months of no rain, we were CELEBRATING! No weather delays meant a quick, flawless process, and before we knew it, a building with walls was where there was once dirt and a few trees.

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And in the mean time, we gave our existing space a complete renovation too!

We closed for a few days around new years, and we officially reopened our doors to our expanded facility on January 2, 2017!

Our new space includes two studio rooms, an expanded lobby and barre boutique, two restrooms, a coffee/tea bar, a room for youth services (now our moms can bring their little ones!), a stall bar, a prayer wall, and a new “refresh” station with cool lavender towels for post-workout!

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Our expanded space proved to be more than we ever thought was possible. We were prepared to sacrifice some of our “wants” in order to remain in our existing space, but in the end, we didn’t have to give up one of our wish list items! We are so thankful for God’s hand in orchestrating this entire process. A building is now twice the size than it was originally, but more than that, our hearts are overflowing with gratitude to be able to accommodate even more of our Novo family!

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