About Us

Novo Fitness Studio is the product of a dream, intense training, and passion.

Located in Columbus, GA (Midland), Novo is a 100% LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED studio and intimate fitness boutique that strives to provide a UNIQUE AND PERSONAL fitness experience for people of every fitness level.

It’s diverse offerings provide a workout opportunity that is unparalleled in other fitness settings. Novo first opened its doors in February 2014, and has grown exponentially since its opening, now offering 70+ CLASSES PER WEEK in a newly expanded facility featuring three studio rooms!

Specializing in form-focused, mind-body methods, Novo was founded as the first barre method of any kind in Columbus. Since opening, Novo has grown to offer numerous additional methods, including Rebounding, Buti Yoga, Dance Fitness, and Yoga. Our methods are licensed and certified, which guarantees their effectiveness and allows clients to progress and grow within the variety of classes offered.

At Novo Fitness, we understand the importance of varying your workout, while staying safe and maximizing each session. Novo offers clients a “ONE STOP SHOP” for a variety of mindbody methods, with options for low-impact, beginner classes, to cardio-driven classes, and even room to grow with advanced level classes! Furthermore, because of the FREEDOM within the methods we teach, no two classes will ever be the same!

We pride ourselves in EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE and a form of fitness that we truly believe yields UNBELIEVABLE RESULTS. We are excited to connect and journey with you in your transformation!