Barre is a full-body workout focused on building lean muscles, strengthening the body using your own body weight, and gaining flexibility. Small, isometric movements combined with deep holds and intentional stretching for each major muscle group make this class a timeless favorite for both beginners and seasoned clients! Modifications will be offered throughout class for any client who wishes to keep things as basic as possible, while other clients can choose to not take them, or to take advanced variations.

Need a little more? Check out our Barre/Yoga Flow (beginner/mixed level) classes, lasting 45 minutes. This class is the perfect chance to experience an intense Barre class complemented with a calming, relaxing stretch segment using beginner yoga postures. The 15 minute yoga portion was created to be the perfect balance to the preceding time in class. Offering deep stretching and breathing along with the continued mind/body connection, you’re guaranteed to leave feeling better than when you came!