This 45-minute low-impact rebounding class is filled with sweat and fun! Gentle on joints, but high in intensity, this class will get your heart pumping, lymphs flowing, and adrenaline rushing. The benefits of rebounding are endless, from lymphatic draining, to detoxification, to improved immune system, and so much more. You will burn just as many (or more) calories on the Rebounder than you will in a five mile run, without the stress on your joints!

Segments of cardio, dance, and exercise combinations on the bellicon Rebounder are interspersed with strength training sections using the bellicon and (optional) light hand weights. This class targets the whole body from the inside out, including major muscle groups such as legs, seat, arms, and core, all while blasting more calories in less time!

As with many of our classes, the more you take, the better your understanding of the class. The choreography for this class will remain the same for 1 month in each class with each instructor so you can learn more, improve, and see results! We recommend coming at the beginning of each month in order to learn the choreography as it is initially introduced.

Advanced Bounce

If choreography is your thing, this class is for you! It’s led like a dance class with a complete focus on a routine. With lengthier and more complicated combos, this challenging, but rewarding class makes it a workout for both your brain and your body! We recommend this class for anyone who has taken 10 or more Bounce classes.