I was hooked on Novo…
As soon as I taught my first class for our opening of the studio and got to witness the energy and encouragement of our new community.

When I’m at Novo, I enjoy…
Just walking around the space and soaking up a dream turned reality.

When I’m not at Novo, I enjoy…
Being with my husband and playing with my kids.

My fuel or inspiration for class is…
It’s all about the new jams.

My non-Novo job is…
Mommy to Lucas, Lillian, and Logan.

I’m totally obsessed with…

You’d be surprised to know…
I have a guitar sitting in my closet that was played long ago when free time existed.

You’ll probably find me humming/singing…
Anything from Beethoven, to the Octonauts theme song, to Broadway, to Drake. #wellrounded.

Certified + Completed Apprenticeship in:
200 hour RYT
Barre Cardio
Barre Bands
Barre Advanced
Buti Yoga
Buti Flow
Buti Sculpt
Circle & Circle +
Hot Buti