I was hooked on Novo…

After taking my first barre class.

When I’m at Novo, I enjoy…

The community and exercise.

When I’m not at Novo, I enjoy…

Being with my family.

My fuel or inspiration for class is…

Is knowing that I get to provide a great experience for our clients- not just a workout, but a reset for the body and mind.

My non-Novo job is…

Being a mom to my 4 kids.

I’m totally obsessed with…


You’d be surprised to know…

I married my high school sweetheart.

You’ll probably find me humming/singing…

I like a lot of different genres. 

My favorite Novo event is/was …

I always love a good birthday party.

My must-have purchase from Novo’s boutique is …

DYI leggings or Z Supply tops.

Certified + Completed Apprenticeship in:

200-hour RYT 


Barre 2

Barre Fly 

Basic Bounce 


Buti Sculpt

Circle/Circle +



Move + Tone

Move + Tone (Rebounders) 

Pilates Ring 


Tone 36

Vinyasa Flow

Yoga Foundations

Yoga Fusion